Reading OE-10 BLW 1000HP Switchers

Reading OE-10 #79 at Gordon

The Reading class OE-10 applies to both VO-1000 and early DS4-4-1000 end cab switchers. While the majority of the switchers on the Reading where concintrated in the Philadelphia area, the OE-10’s were seen in all parts of the railroad including the Shamokin Division.

The first pair of VO-1000’s #80-81 arrived in August of 1940 and had ovel grills like they early VO-660’s.

Reading OE-10 #80 at Shamokin, PA

The next VO-1000’s to arrive looked very muck alike. They had curved walkway boards, point radaitor grills in the front and single exhaust stacks near the cab.

Reading OE-10 #78

In September of 1944 the Reading received #55-59, their last of their VO-1000’s from Baldwin. They differed from the earlier VO’s by having square cornered walkways.

Reading OE-10 #57 is an example of the later car body style for the VO-1000

Reading OE-10 #56

The next group to be delievered #34-36 were amoung the first group of DS4-4-1000’s to be built. According to the Baldwin book they were built with parts left over from the VO production. The #35 has a VO radiator.

Reading OE-10 DS4-4-1000 with a VO front end

The rest of the DS4-4-1000’s had flat radiators. The DS4-4-1000’s were delievered with four exhaust stacks.

During the war Baldwin had found that the exhaust back-pressure could be reduced with the four stack exhaust and it reduced the heat the generator was subjected to increasing its efficiency. Restrictions from the War Production Board prohibited making the change during the war to the VO-1000’s. After the war Baldwin recommended that the change be made to the VO-1000’s Reading did that to some of their locomotives during later overhauls.

Reading OE-10 DS-4-4-1000 #32

A table of the OE-10 Class Locomotives

No. Built Model Notes Engine House Assignment Photos on this Site Photo Online
80 Aug-40 VO-1000 Oval Grills G
81 Aug-40 VO-1000 Oval Grills
82 Oct-42 VO-1000 FF,
83 May-43 VO-1000 StC FF,
84 May-43 VO-1000 StC
85 May-43 VO-1000
71 Jun-43 VO-1000 WJ
72 Jun-43 VO-1000
73 Jun-43 VO-1000 FF,
74 Nov-43 VO-1000
75 Nov-43 VO-1000 EA FF,
76 Jan-44 VO-1000
77 Jan-44 VO-1000
78 Jan-44 VO-1000 FF,
79 Jan-44 VO-1000 G FF,
89 Jan-44 VO-1000
86 Mar-44 VO-1000
87 Mar-44 VO-1000 FF,
88 Mar-44 VO-1000
55 Sep-44 VO-1000
56 Sep-44 VO-1000 DC FF,
57 Sep-44 VO-1000 FF,
58 Sep-44 VO-1000 G FF,
59 Sep-44 VO-1000 EA FF,
34 Jun-46 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine, VO parts EA Photo, FF,
35 Jun-46 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine, VO parts WJ FF,
36 Jun-46 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine, VO parts
37 Jul-46 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine FF,
38 Aug-46 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine FF,
39 Aug-46 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine
26 Apr-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine
27 May-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine
28 Aug-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine
29 Aug-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine FF,
30 Aug-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine
31 Sep-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine FF,
32 Sep-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine FF,
33 Sep-47 DS4-4-1000 608NA Engine

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Photograph’s from George Losse Collection scaned from negatives.