Reading Modeling Myth #1-Will the “Real” RDG Pullman Green Please Stand Up – Part II

Just when I thought I got away from paint color debates by not modeling the PRR…….

This morning I had the pleasure of testing some greens from Scalecoat 2. The Scalecoat made for plastics.

I tested six new greens.

Scalecoat 2 samples

Scalecoat 2 samples

Top Row: Pullman Green, Great Northern Empire Builder Green, Northern Pacific Dark Green
Bottom Row: Erie Green, New Haven Hunter Green, Coach Olive

This time instead of trying to match scans on the computer I went back to a technique from art school to match color. I had my samples above and cut a square in the paint sample. Then I placed the samples over different photographs.

My results so far:

For a locomotive within the first couple of years from being delivered Tru-Color New Haven 401 Green or Scalecoat 2 Erie Green were the closest.

For a locomotive 5-10 years from being delivered Polyscale Pullman Green.

Next step put some paint on the models and see what they look like.