Track Details in Shamokin Yard

How many times have we heard, “Don’t forget track is a model too?” So as I was walking through what was left of the yard in Shamokin, PA the other day, I took notice of some of the track details. Some of what I saw contradicted what all the experts tell us to do.

We all have been told “the prototype NEVER lines up rail joint bars across the two rails.” They should be staggered. Well look at the above image on the far track.

Also the standard drawings I’ve seen clearly show that the joint bars should be set over two cross ties. Look at both the near rail and the far rail, both only are resting on just one cross tie.

We have also been told to keep the turnout throws on the outside of a pair of tracks or crossover. Look closely, both of the turnout in what was this crossover they are on the inside of the crossover.

Something seems to be missing, and again notice that the throw mechanism is between the two tracks….

You are supposed to lay your rail straight and avoid short kinks.

Also check out the siding on the left, the track ends with no bumpers, wheel stops, not even a pair of ties laid on top of the rails….. can’t do that, right?

All kidding aside, this was the track condition in what track was left of Shamokin yard. The last photo shows a heat kink that has thrown the main out of gauge. The left hand track is the old North bound main, a cross over is just on the other side of the bridge at the end of the yard. The turnouts in the photos are at the Southern end of the passing track in town.

In this current condition you could not get a train through the town on this day.