Reading N1sd P48 Driver Conversion – Part II

I cut off the steel tire from the Sunset drivers. It was a simple matter of cutting most of the way through the tire. This was done slowly and I kept checking my depth so that I did not cut through the tire and into the driver center. Next I inserted a screw driver into the slot. Give a little twist and the tire breaks free and there is no damage to the driver center.

Matt Forsyth, made the suggestions for this procedure and it worked great! Thank you!

This is the second time I’ve used a hacksaw on an O scale model. I have to say, it is a bit unsettling at first. But the after the first couple drivers, the rest of the 16 drivers went quickly and without trouble.

Next step new tires…..

Sunset 3-rail driver clamped in the vise

Using the Hack Saw to cut the tire.

The cut is not all the way through the tire.

Insert a screw driver into the slot and twist. The tire will break free.

I did the same thing to the blind drivers. You can see the crack in the tire.

Here they all are, Tires and Centers separated.