2013 Chicago O Scale Show – The Model Contest

Lee Turner's RS-3

Lee Turner’s RS-3

This year I actually took the time to find the model contest room. I’m glad I did.

I’ve seen photos of Lee Turner’s LV RS-3 online before. Seeing the model in real life was even better then seeing the photos.

The modeling displayed in the room was fantastic! Because of the contest the names were not displayed with the models. In some cases I knew the models and who built them.

I would have liked to known who did some of the work. I guess I’m spoiled by the RPM-Meets were the modelers show their work with their names displayed and are there to talk about the models also.

Details on Lee Turner's RS-3

Details on Lee Turner’s RS-3


Lucus Bartig’s Scratchbuilt Frisco 2-10-0

car float

Scratchbuilt car float


Car float close-up


Close up of the car float details


First of a couple of snow plows


Second snow plow in a more natural setting


Jim Zwerneman’s MKT 77889 Scratchbuilt from Styrene, sides are individual boards with built up “z” Braces.Ends are from Southern Car & Foundry. Center sill, bolsters and draft gear are leftover parts form a Chooch Kit. Trucks are Yoder Proto48. Protocraft and Blalock decals were used.


Jim Zwerneman’s MKT 77889, good view of the scratchbuilt Hutchins dry lading roof.


David Friedlander’s NYC Transfer caboose built from a Russ Briggs Kit.