RY Models NEW 50-ton PRR 2D-F8 Truck

RY Models New PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck - Side View

RY Models New PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck – Side View

RY Models New PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck -  Top View

RY Models New PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck – Top View

Imported By: RY Models
MSRP 04/2013 $48.00/pr.

The PRR’s 2D-F8 50 ton truck began production in the 1920’s. It was placed under many of the road’s signature freight cars like the FM, GLa, and X29. PRR documents have the truck listed on the following classes: FM, GLa, GLb, GLc, GLe, GLf, GLg, GP, GPa, GR, GRa, GS, GSa, GSc, GSd, H22, K7, K8, U6, XL, XLa, XLc, X23, X23a, X23b, X24, X25, X25a, X25b, X25c, X25d, X28a, X29, X29a, X30.

Diagram of the 2D-F8

The truck design did evolve over the years, the original design from the 1920’s had a riveted bolster. As casting improved in the 1930’s this was replaced with a cast bolster on new trucks. I have not seen any numbers for how many of each existed, or if the cast bolster was used as a replacement for the riveted bolster. Only that 2D-F8 trucks produced later in the 1930’s used a cast bolster. The trucks lasted in revenue service for more than fifty years.

PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck photo from the RY Models website

PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck photo from the RY Models website

The Proto48/O scale market has been asking for the PRR 2D-F8 trucks for a very long time. Other manufactures have promised to produce the 2D-F8 for a long time and nothing is on the market. I remember seeing early test shots from one manufacturer over 10 years ago. They still have not released a product to the public.

RY Models did produce the truck and the Proto48/O Scale market responded by selling out the first run of the trucks. If you didn’t pre-order you most likely missed this one.

The RY Models truck has is of the original riveted bolster. It scales very close to the PRR diagrams. The trucks have full brake detail.

The trucks were available from RY Models for $48.00 per pair. They are taking reservations for the next run of trucks.

RY Models New PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck

RY Models New PRR 2D-F8 50 ton truck

NMRA Proto48 Specification:
I measured the trucks and find that they are within NMRA spec. Here are the measurements and I’ve added their measurements to the NMRA S-4.1 Proto48 Wheel Standards

Check Gauge Back to Back Wheel Width Flange Width Flange Depth
Specification Range 1.124
RY Models
50-ton PRR 2D-F8

double insulated axles
1.131 1.110 0.115 0.027 0.025

Plus and Minus… Opinions:

On the plus-side:

  • The biggest PLUS I can say about the RY Models 2D-F8 trucks is that they are here!

    And I am placing them under my freight cars TODAY!

  • The trucks measured up fine against the NMRA Specification.
  • To say they roll well is a bit of an understatement. They gave me fits when trying to photograph them.
  • The trucks do look very nice, they capture the look of the prototype based on the photos and drawings I’ve seen.

On the minus-side:

  • An issue with most RY Models trucks is that they do not have any casting information on the side frames. I’ve mentioned this before.
  • The plastic insulators between the axle and the wheel are a little large sticking out the back of the wheels. (I plan to trim mine a little)

Overall: The minuses have not held me back from purchasing these trucks. I look forward to their use under my PRR freight cars for many years to come.

I’m very glad to see more new freight car trucks on the Proto48/O scale market.