A Model I Once Owned

Above is one of the locomotives I sold off through my For Sale Page. Since I’m not modeling the PRR as my primary road any more, it became surplus. Along with over 24 other steam locomotives, and unique PRR equipment. Happily most have new homes now.

I sold this locomotive to a guy I never meet, only corresponded with him by emails. He then shipped it up to Forsyth Rail Services to let Matt Forsyth do his magic.

Today, Matt sent me a link the this video and as he said, “It’s been extensively rebuilt and accurately re-detailed.” Matt also installed newest QSI Q3 sound for steam. He says he still has yet to install the headlight lens and the coal load for the tender, then it will be shipped to it’s new home.

Here is what it looked like when I sold it.
I’d say Matt did a really fine job on this locomotive.