2015 Strasburg O Scale Show – August


The August 2015 Strasburg O scale Show was this past weekend. They had over a hundred tables sold inside the fire hall. They had another well attended show. The crowd was steady all morning.

While no new models were being announced during the show, Rich Yoder did continue to show his pre-production models of the Mather Box and Stock cars. In addition, he had three gondola models for sale on his table that have long been sold out. The three gondolas were, the Virginian Battleship Gondola, a Reading USRA gondola and a B&O USRA clone gondolas with containers. (photos at the bottom of this post) While the Reading gondola looked very nice, I past of the car because of the early paint scheme on the car.

Jim Cantner was there from Indianapolis, Indiana, both with a number of models on his table and promoting the 2015 O Scale National which will be held in Indy this September. He showed me photos of a template he is working on that goes between the ties of a double track main line and spaces both an inner and outer track radii spacing both sets of ties at the same time. It was made out of Aluminum and he hopes to further develop it into a full product later this year. Since we all remember Jim’s turnout templates from a number of years ago (I know I have a number of them here) this will be something to look forward to.

At the end of the show Bob Heil (the Sunset 3rd Rail dealer) came up to me and asked if I thought a Reading K1 2-10-2 could get enough reservations to meet the production number for Sunset to produce the model. I tried to do everything I could to convince him that it could. Lets hope Sunset decides to announce it and see how many reservations it can get, I know I’ll reserve a pair of them. That would take two models off my “Projects To Build” list. So if you have an interest in Seeing Sunset 3rd Rail produce a Reading K1 2-10-2 let them know about it.