2009 O Scale National, Towson, MD – News

I just returned from the 2009 BOSS O Scale National. It was by far one of the best Nationals I had ever attended. The Baltimore group did a great job putting on the show.

The vending tables had a wide variety of stuff for all budgets. It was hard not to spend money everywhere. I’ll try to hit on what were a few of my highlights.

Weaver– They were showing a B&O Wagon top boxcar on their table. The examples on the table were older brass models meant to try to size up the interest in the crowd to see if they should produce the model. They mentioned that it would be built overseas and we should expect it to be close in quality and pricing to their B-60’s. I think it will be a winner.

Mullet River Model Works– They had some great new kits on the table and some fantastic details. Their NYC caboose would have gone home with me if I didn’t have a brass version of the same car sitting at home.

Rails Unlimited – Ted had many of his resin cast freight cars with him. Some were selling out and will not be re-run. I passed on the new B&O car, some modelers have complained about the casting quality of this new release, some that I know have returned their kits. I’ll wait for the Weaver version. I did come home with a PRR Gr gondola even though I had kit-bashed a similar car already.

RY Models – Rich had his Baldwin switchers on the table along with his tank cars. I also saw a lot of his trucks going home with people.

The layout tours were inspirational. Being at the starting blocks of my railroad, it made me re-think some of the decisions I made about what could be done. I’ll write about each of the layouts I visited in the coming weeks.