2017 Strasburg O Scale Show – April

This past Saturday was the Spring Strasburg O Scale Show. Rich Yoder and John Dunn put on another fine show. The had over 90+ tables of O Scale materials for sale and they had 111 people through the door, not counting the vendors.

Terry Terrance gave demonstrations on 3D printing. He had a $200 machine and was making a phone booth as the demonstration piece. Rather then have this set up like a clinic Terry kept demonstrating the machine over the coarse of the show. Guys would sit in and ask questions while the machine kept working. This was set up just across from where we were set up so I got to see the crowd that sat in at different times during the morning. There was a nice steady flow of people all morning interested in find out more about the whole process.

From a modeling update, there were a number of interesting models at the show. There were Pacific Limited, Keystone, Precision Scale, as well as Yoder freight cars on the tables. Also there was a nice selection of both high end and regular guy locomotive models at the show. Something for every budget.

For the Reading Co. modeler, there was a Weaver G1 and a couple of SGL G3’s. There was also number of Reading diesels in both the 60’s Green and Yellow second generation paint and the olive green of the first generation locomotives.

In looking at older posts about the shows I noticed that I hardly ever put images of the people that make up the shows. Time to change that, so here are Bill Nesbitt and Buzz Burnley, first photo; Mac (Michael Macewan) second photo; and Carl Jackson, third photo.