2012 O Scale National, Parsippany, NJ – The Model Contest

Michael Rahiley’s took Second Place in the Diesel category with this kitbashed PRR SW-9.


For the second time at an O Scale National, I had the pleasure of traveling with one of the award winners in the modeling contest.  Michael Rahiley won a Second Place award for his kitbashed PRR SW-9 (above image). He also received an Honorable Mention for his Pennsylvania RR Peddler Freight Train Cira 1957.  Congrats to Michael, this was the second time one of his models won an award at an O Scale National. Which is real nice since I remember, many years ago, sitting at my kitchen table teaching him how to build Intermountain kits. He has come a long way.

When I went through the model room the modelers names were not displayed with the models. Joe G. has posted photos on this thread on the O Scale Trains Blog with images of some of the winners in the different categories. Where I had a photo of one of the winning models I added the information based on Joe’s post.