2016 Strasburg O Scale Show – August

Well, I had an image for this post…. but it must have melted.

On Saturday, I was at the August Strasburg O Scale Show and it was HOT in Lancaster County, PA.

Now if you remember the April Show, they had a little snow in the morning. Well we could have used some of that in Saturday. Even with the heat, it was a good show as always. They had 100 tables sold for the show and the show was well attended.

For the Reading fan, there was an SGL G-3 in the room and a Weaver G-1. There was also a Weaver Crusader locomotive and cars in the room. Also a couple of Reading switchers on the tables at the show. There was lot of brass models for those into that and a fare amount of parts for different projects.

I did something different for me at this show. Rather then just by a car on the table, the seller was looking to trade his car for another. Turns out, I had an extra model of what he was looking for, a few minutes conversation later, he set this car to the side and we’ll exchange the cars at the next show. That should work out nicely.

I did pass along my Weaver G-1 mechanism to Carl Jackson, so he could convert it’s drivers to Proto48 for me. He was even thinking he might be able to get it back to me by the next Strasburg Show. That would be great!

Kind of wished I’d sent my T-1 drivers to Carl. It’s been over two years since they went out and no word about when they might be ready yet.

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  1. George
    Carl does superb work. He did a set of Sonsquat SP pacific drivers for me.


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