Proto48/O Scale Information

Model Information
Information is the key to good Prototype Modeling. You need good prototype information, most modelers understand that. But that’s only half the story. You also need information about the models that are available and have been produced over the years.

One of the things I have always enjoyed was being able to see a model hiding inside another that the manufacture produced. I have used the Intermountain USRA twin as the beginning of a number of my hopper car projects. Not just because it’s a great model on it’s own, but because the final model had similar dimensions and it could be modified into the many different models.

This section has a listings of manufacturers and their models. I hope to expand the section by linking to pages about the models built from these starting points.

Standards Information
The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) has Standards and Recommended Practices for various things for Model Railroads. These range from track spacing, wheel profiles, module specifications, and Car Weights. In this section I’ll post what the Standards are and also what the different models sampled measure up to.

Some manufacturers might not like me pointing out that their products are not within NMRA Standards. The truth is the NMRA set them up for our benefit, to make our models operate better and be able to operate on everyone’s layouts.