2011 Strasburg O Scale Show – October

This past Saturday there was a Strasburg O Scale show.  It turned out to be a nice show, well attended, with a lot of stuff moving off the tables. I know I came home with a lot less stuff then I started the day with.

I was very happy to start the sale of my O scale track at the show. I was surprised that my Old Atlas Black-tie flex track sold before the new Atlas flex track and even the Micro Engineering flex track. I did sell some of the Micro Engineering code 125 at the table. 

I also sold off the second tender to the Sunset Y-3’s I bought last year. So now there is no turning back, the two Y-3’s have to become Reading N1’s.

Some of the prices on the models on some tables were high at the show and some were down right steals. Rich Yoder had some PRR locomtives on a side table from his imports and he had some give-away pricing on them. One of them was close to half of what I sold an Sunset PRR H10 for at the National.  There were also a number of good buys at the White Elephant table.